#4 Communities: “Build It and They Will Come”

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#4 Communities: "Build It and They Will Come"

How do communities form? What keeps them together? And why do they split? 

Referencing  events discussed in the first episode of the season, Susheel recollects  his behind-the-scenes experiences of Parkour’s birth and growth in  Chennai. And over the course of the conversation, he captures a basic  truth about many young communities: They form without structure and  purpose. A bunch of people just get together to do something they love.


— How do many communities start? Is there a mission and a vision? Or is it spontaneous? [03:36]

— How does a group get its identity? Is it a conscious moulding? Can any one person control it? [18:18]

— Why do communities split? What caused the split with Chennai Parkour? [22:25]

— Is conflict inevitable? And if so, why? [33:06]

— Why Susheel doesn’t see himself as a ‘community builder’ but, rather, a problem solver. [37:24]  


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By Susheel Chandradhas

Susheel Chandradhas is a Product Photographer and Filmmaker based in India. He has been taking photographs (almost) all his life. He has a diploma and a bachelors degree in Visual Communication, where his classmates all believed that he would write a book on photography... Instead, he writes on the <a href="https://www.beyondphototips.com/author/admin/"?Beyond Photo Tips website (because - isn't a community more fun?).

His passions include photography, parkour, wide-angle lenses, blue skies, fire extinguishers, and fast computers.

In addition to writing for Beyond Photo Tips, Susheel is a staff writer for Fstoppers.com, and owns and runs ColoursAlive, a photography, and video production studio.

You can connect with Susheel on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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