#8 Minimalism: “How Many Things Am I Allowed to Own?”

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#8 Minimalism: "How Many Things Am I Allowed to Own?"

Is minimalism just about getting rid of stuff? And if you want to be a minimalist, are you allowed only 1 spoon, 1 bowl and 2 t-shirts? In this episode, we debunk some of these mainstream myths, explore what minimalism could be about instead, and offer some real-world examples of how it can change your life.


  • 00:00 — Introduction to the episode
  • 00:55 — The common (incomplete) perception of minimalism (‘it’s just about getting rid of stuff’)
  • 01:30 — Rohan’s minimalism journey:  
    • Learning the concepts — ‘Decluttering’ (from The Zen Habits Blog) and ‘tidying up’ (from Marie Kondo’s book), 
    • One-backpack living — Getting rid of possessions (books, clothes, furniture, etc.)
  • 05:57 — What minimalism is really about: Making place for what matters 
  • 09:15 — Is ‘minimalist’ just another word for ‘bachelor’? Susheel talks about the need to adapt when in a marriage.
  • 10:37 — Making minimalism more than about ‘things’: How to make it a way of life. E.g., applying it to work and the projects you take on. 
  • 12:18 — Two life approaches: Saying ‘yes’ to everything Vs. saying ‘no’ to everything. Which works better? 
  • 13:06 — Minimalism as a form of self-expression.
  • 14:25 — How Rohan has applied minimalism to his life.  A key question: “Have I used this item in the last year?” If not, maybe you don’t need it? 
  • 16:30 — How minimalism helps you design a living space that encourages healthy habits. And James Clear’s ideas of habit formation (from his book ‘Atomic Habits’, referenced below)
  • 18:40 — Minimalism Vs. Frugalism. How modern minimalism is often about expensive, high-quality stuff. So, maybe add in some frugalism? 
  • 21:50 — Minimalism and budgeting. Why we need to stay mindful of our expenses. 
  • 23:27 — A challenge for us all: What are the small changes we can make in our lives that will have the biggest impact? Step 1 could be to just declutter your desk or tidy up your room (use Marie Kondo’s technique, referenced below).
  • 29:07 — How to find Susheel and Rohan online to carry on the minimalism conversation! 



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By Susheel Chandradhas

Susheel Chandradhas is a Product Photographer and Filmmaker based in India. He has been taking photographs (almost) all his life. He has a diploma and a bachelors degree in Visual Communication, where his classmates all believed that he would write a book on photography... Instead, he writes on the <a href="https://www.beyondphototips.com/author/admin/"?Beyond Photo Tips website (because - isn't a community more fun?).

His passions include photography, parkour, wide-angle lenses, blue skies, fire extinguishers, and fast computers.

In addition to writing for Beyond Photo Tips, Susheel is a staff writer for Fstoppers.com, and owns and runs ColoursAlive, a photography, and video production studio.

You can connect with Susheel on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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