#3: Joe Rogan: The Beginner’s Guide [Is He a Bigot? Or an Enlightened Explorer?]

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#3: Joe Rogan: The Beginner's Guide [Is He a Bigot? Or an Enlightened Explorer?]

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, mixed martial artist, UFC commentator, and podcaster with a cult following. In 2019, his ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ (JRE) podcast was averaging 190,000,000 downloads a month — giving him a greater reach than even American mainstream media!

But is Joe (as writer Theodore Kupfer asks) a “weed-smoking DMT-obsessive, whose most cherished political cause is the quest to end male circumcision”? Or is he “one of the last bastions for civil discussion in contemporary America”?


–What is MMA? And is there beauty in violence? (11:30)

–Joe’s origin story (17:10)

–Why watch the JRE podcast? What’s cool about long-form podcasts? (22:50)

–Does having a messed up childhood make you a more interesting person? (33:09)

–How podcasting is a one-way mirror into someone’s life (34:23)

–Free speech: How outrageous are we allowed to get? Should we shut down someone just because we don’t agree with them? The Jordan Peterson controversy. (36:37)

–Why learn self-defense? And the darkness in a Navy SEAL’s mindset. (51:25)


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